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Typescript 3.3, NgRx 7, Angular 7 with switchMap, GraphQL with Angular & more

Hi, I’m Andrey. I’m using Angular to build developer platform Jexia.

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Hi, I’m Andrey. I’m using Angular to build developer platform Jexia.

Announcing TypeScript 3.3 RC
Announcing NgRx v7 — Docs, testing & more
Tim Deschryver
👀 #Angular 8.0.0-beta.1 has a new (very) handy form feature `markAllAsTouched()` ! I literally wrote this function in every project and now I don't have to anymore, thanks! 🎉

7:44 PM - 23 Jan 2019
How TypeScript breaks referential transparency
Tree-shakable dependencies in Angular projects
Improved navigation in Angular 7 with switchMap
Be type strict without Typescript*
Where to initiate data load in NgRx
Sarah Drasner
This is a great article about tree shaking and why it's useful to eliminate unused code. 🌳
by @ireaderinokun
4:24 PM - 23 Jan 2019
Typescript dependency injection in 200 LOC
How to make a Discord bot: overview and tutorial
Angular optimization: memoized pipe functions in templates
Make your Angular form’s error messages magically appear
Top 3 RxJS operators overloads
5 TypeScript features you might not know
Cédric Soulas 🃏
Introducing 🚀 Launchpad for #RxJS

- Explore the categories
- Find an operator
- Launch the docs
4:57 PM - 22 Jan 2019
What happens when packages go bad?
Reverse engineering GoDaddy's tracking script
Dean Radcliffe
A demo of using #RxJS to control an IOT device is now a case-study here: @ladyleet @BenLesh
11:12 PM - 21 Jan 2019
Is Typescript's Namespace feature deprecated?
Do you know how Angular transforms your code?
Remote jobs
Frontend engineer @ PSP Media
Senior software engineer, frontend (EMEA) @ Hotjar
Fullstack Engineer - Ruby on Rails, JavaScript @ Dribbble
Using GraphQL with Angular | By: Lee Costello
Alex Eagle - ABC: Angular, Bazel and CLI
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