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Migrating to TypeScript, strengths of micro front-ends, Microsoft Makecode & more


Angular Weekly

October 17 · Issue #74 · View online
Weekly curated blogs and tools for Angular pros.

From the core team
The Angular team @ AngularConnect 2019
Using Angular CLI schematics
Internationalization in Angular
Minko Gechev
Soon we'll be able to use optional chaining not only in Angular templates, but also in TypeScript version 3.7+

Notice the extension on top of the template syntax that allows method call with ?.() ✨

⚡️ TS 3.7 beta
📚 Proposal
8:00 AM - 17 Oct 2019
Handle multiple API requests in Angular
V8 engine and JavaScript optimization tips
TypeScript: Hello world with DOM manipulation
Tobias Koppers
🎉 We reached an important milestone in the webpack 5 process: #webpack 5.0.0-beta.0 🎉

Be brave and try it...

You'll find (work in progress) changelog and migration guide linked in the feedback issue.

🤩 We'd love to hear your feedback. 🤩
3:07 PM - 11 Oct 2019
Wrapping CommonJS library in Angular 8 directive
RxJS error: types of property ‘source’ are incompatible
How we failed, then succeeded, at migrating to TypeScript
How to use TypeScript and Jest mocks
"What is Change Detection in Angular?" from @BttrProgramming #Angular
5:25 PM - 17 Oct 2019
Understanding MVC-services for frontend: VanillaJS
Set runtime variables for an Angular app in a container
Emacs and TypeScript
ng2-stompjs with Angular 7
NestJS, TypeORM and PostgreSQL
François Zaninotto
Cropper.js: #OSS Image cropper library with wrapper packages for #React, #VueJs, and #Angular.
3:03 PM - 9 Oct 2019
Observable store 2.0 released on npm
Next gen JavaScript and TypeScript runtime
The strengths and benefits of micro frontends
Reflection: building a GraphQL API with Nest.js
Artur Yorsh
Hey! We've just updated UI Kitten documentation with tons of clickable examples 🎉

(We were able to run React Native in Angular application 🤯)

3:24 PM - 11 Oct 2019
Academic articles
Microsoft MakeCode: embedded programming for education, in blocks and TypeScript
WTF is a Cold Observable? - Zack DeRose
Duration: 33 minutes
Making it easier to scale Angular - Leonard Thiele
Duration: 35 minutes
UX engineering at Google - Blair Metcalf
Duration: 20 minutes
Angular prototyping, true story with Majid Hadji
Duration: 20 minutes
Angular Weekly is a mailing consisting of the finest blogs and tools curated for Angular prosI’m Andrey, your curator, working from Kharkiv (Ukraine) to help building a Dutch serverless functions platform called Jexia.
Do you have a question, feedback or you want to share a noteworthy blog for Angular pros? Reach out to me via andrey at Btw, I don’t accept proposals to include sponsored content in my weekly.
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